IFA port terminal opened in 1996. It is located on the left side of the Candiano canal, where it has a 274 m. long berth with 10.50 m. bathymetry, which to date is the deepest in the port of Ravenna and allows the docking of ships of considerable size.

IFA covers an area of 170,000 sqm, 70,000 of which are covered warehouses (8 in total, 4 of them have floorings and walls), suitable for storing materials that require HACCP certification.IFA handles 1.5 million tonnes of loose and packed goods per year, using 5 mobile cranes with a capacity load from 63 to 120 tons. Their advanced technology gives very high daily outputs, further enhanced by the use of two lines of conveyor belts completely covered that allow to unload directly into three warehouses as well as using lorry tractors.

IFA can handle and process goods according to customers’ requests, carrying out several activities such as grinding, mixing , sieving, sacking, etc. before delivery to the end user. Specific vehicles and process plants are used for each type of product.

A 2 track railway interchange is conveniently located in the premises. It is 1600 m. long and fully equipped for loading/unloading operations,  allowing IFA to deliver goods by railway carriages as well as by lorry.We aim at the constant improvement of the quality of services and working environment.  Thanks to the technical skills and organizing ability of our professional operators and the constantly renewed equipment, we obtained  ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and OHSAS 18001:2007 on health and safety. Moreover we have a in-company HACCP quality control procedure for food and storage of conventional cereals.

Carefully assessing the surrounding environment , with the aim to help protecting it, IFA has invested in a major project in the field of renewable energy, installing solar panels for the production of 3.5 mega electricity. Another strategic and innovative choice in the Port of Ravenna is the presence along our docks of electric battery charging points for mobile cranes